Scion FR-S – Lessons Learned from the Track and a Few More Mods

Driving the FR-S at Spring Mountain was a blast, but by definition, development is never finished.

title photograph by Greg Philips
other photographs by LightningMotorsports.US

Three things came out of the track sessions:

1) The front-end could still use a bit more negative camber

2) While the Ferodo pads and Brembo brake fluid help up admirably, we drove home with one fairly warped front rotor

3) It would have been nice to have a touch more rear sway bar, as well as have some adjustability at the track

To get a bit more negative camber in the front suspension, we swapped out the SPC 81280 Camber Bolts for SPC 81305 Camber Bolts. Instead of replacing the upper strut-to-steering knuckle bolt, the SPC 81305s replace the LOWER bolt, and in the process yields another 3/8 degree of negative camber (to 1 3/4).


To address the brake disc overheating issue, we installed some APR CF Brake Ducts, connected to 3″ diameter high-temp air duct hose, and attached to the hub carriers with some home-brewed air funnels and locating clamps.



Finally, we installed an adjustable rear sway bar. We chose the 16mm Perrin bar, as it is only a bit stiffer than the stock bar we had matched with the Tanabe front sway bar and the Tein H-Tech springs (spec’ing suspensions is a little tricky, as any variations in front/rear spring stiffness, shock valving, driving style, and of course, sway bar stiffness can easily move you away from that nice balance that allows you to brake late and attack the corner, but still be able to rotate car and get the rear out when you need to).


Because we added a bit more front camber (which gives you a bit more front bite on corner entry), we opted to start off with the rear sway bar at full soft. We’ll be taking the car to Willow Springs Raceway next, so stay tuned…

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